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You can find the location on Google Maps as Dubrovnik Tours Meeting Point. The meeting point is Amerling fountain on Brsalje Square (Ul. Svetog Đurđa 4, 20000, Dubrovnik), located in front of “Dubravka” restaurant (Ul. Brsalje 1). The Guide will be waiting next to the Amerling fountain with a Targaryan or Dubrovnik Tours flag.

You can also get to “Pile Square” (marked on the CITY TIMETABLE as “Old Town”) by public transport with the following bus lines (and go on foot for there for only a few mins). You can click on the links below to see a detailed timetable of a specific bus line.

1a Mokosica - Old Town

1b Mokosica - Old Town

1c Mokosica - Old Town

2 Gorica - Old Town

2a Glavica B.K. - Old Town

3 Nuncijata - Old Town

3a Nuncijata - Old Town

4 Hotel Palace - Old Town

6 Babin Kuk - Old Town

9 Hospital - Old Town