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Private tour City walls of Dubrovnik

  • DEPARTURE: On request
  • PRICE: 900.00 HRK + 225.00 HRK per person
  • Duration: 2.0 hours
The City walls of Dubrovnik have been preserved to the present day, not only because of the knowledge and hard work of our skilful builders but because of our dimplomatic skills in avoiding conflicts.Did you know that Dubrovnik walls are on the list of 10 things people should visit before they die? ( Dubrovnik walls, Taj mahal, Machu Picchu….)When the city got it’s shape in 12th c. (two settelments conected, and canal separating them was paved), first wall all around the city was built in 13th c. The present shape of the walls was defined in the 14th century after the city gained its full independence from Venetian rule, but the peak of its construction lasted from  15th century until the half of the 16th century, resistant even to a big earthquake from 1667. The biggest motivation to build and strengthen fortresses was a fear of sudden atack by Turcs, especially after fall of Costantinople in 1453. Walls have a shape of  irregular  cuadrangular, 14 towers, 5 bastions, two angular fotifications. The main wall on the landside is 13 to 20 ft thick, and the walls is up to 25 meters (80 feet) heigh. On the landside, the wall is protected with an additional supporting wall (scrap wall) as a defense against artillery fire, especially against possible Ottoman attacks. After invention of guns and cannons, having high walls wasn’t enough. Sea side is different, only 1 to 3 meters thick because it has the best obstacule, sea and cliffs. Land cannons were always bigger, stronger and heavier than the ones on ships, that is why landside had a deep moat filled with seawater.Note: it would be good that you bring with you a hat, bottle of water and sun protection.