1. Protecting data

Mario Travel d.o.o. pay special attention to protect your personal informations.

2. Collecting data

We never collect or process personal data unless if they are explicitly offered to us by our customers when they are booking tours so personal data is needed to provide services which we are offering on this website.

3. Using data

Mario Travel d.o.o. will use some personal informations for the purposes of technical web site management, analysis and delivery of general and individualized offers, with the aim to provide the best services.

4. Personal data

Personal data is considered to be the information that can identify users, such as name, gender, address, e-mail or postal address. Mario Travel d.o.o.does not collect personal informations except when they are explicitly offered by our customers when thay are subscribing to our newsletter etc.

5. Cookies

We use cookie technology to provide our online services, analyze content usage, offer advertising solutions, and other functionalities that we could not provide you without cookies. For a detailed list of our cookies, check here.

6. Cookies - Maintenance

Data stored using cookies on this website does not contain personal details from which the user's identity can be identified. You can withdraw cookies on our releases whenever you want. You can delete or block cookies through your web browser or using specialized software for it.

7. Cookies - Important

Please note that disabling all cookies can cause problems with user experiance on the website. Some data, such as the type of browser you are using, the number of visits, the average time spent on pages, the viewed content is used to improve the functionality of our site.

5. Cookies - Agreement

The user decides which information he / she makes available. In the event of any changes to your personal informations please notify us at the following e - mail address: privatetours@gmail.com to correct or update your personal informations.